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Social Media Marketing

With a billion daily users, social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are the shopping mall of the future. Get closer to your customers and tap into this vibrant new marketplace with Marketing Forte.

Get Socialized

With nearly 700 million people visiting Facebook each day, and half a billion posts being written on Twitter, it’s a massive marketplace that can transform your business

Social media is the world’s biggest and most effective customer information system, electronically carving out a targeted market segment for you based on social indicators and drivers.

Through social media you can develop viral marketing campaigns, reach thousands of new leads, and get a better understanding of what your market really wants.

Contact Marketing Forte to find out how we can connect you to this mass marketplace and get you amazing results.

  • What’s included
    • Facebook Marketing
    • Facebook Site Likes
    • Twitter Marketing
    • Retweet Maximizing
    • Facebook Insights
    • Facebook Ads
    • Twitter Promotions
    • Google Plus Marketing
    • Pinterest Marketing
    • Instagram Marketing
    • LinkedIn Marketing
    • Viral Campaigns


With 618 million daily users, Facebook is well and truly a vibrant and dynamic social marketplace. What’s more is that it captures data on demographics, lifestyle factors and social drivers to provide you with the ultimate in targeting users and segmentation. It is the most powerful marketing platform and customer intelligence system ever devised.

Facebook’s powerful algorithms can get your message front and center of people that truly care about your products and services. We understant Facebook and how it is evolving. We know how to get you results.


Twitter is a huge marketplace, with over 50 million daily users, 7 million mobile users, and over half a billion tweets written per day. Twitter can provide a powerful platform for developing a social brand, and implementing a successful viral marketing campaign.

We work hard every day to improve our understanding of how Twitter’s algorithms work and develop innovative mathematical approaches to gaining you maximum exposure. We know how to leverage the power of retweets and followers to move your brand into this futuristic market.

The Rest

Social media is such a dynamic and evolving phenomenon, with new networks appearing every day. We stay at the cutting edge and build your brand identity around all of the social media sites.

We build large networks in LinkedIn, develop a visual brand identity in Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr, and deploy viral videos in YouTube. We also work extensively with Google Plus, the rapidly expanding social network from the search giant.